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Ice creams and desserts

We feature such a wide variety of stabilizer/emulsifier systems for ice creams and ice cream bases as the diversity of products that exist in the market. These systems are designed for high-quality, commercial and low cost ice creams, and to manufacture the bases for ice creams and popsicles of any kind of quality.

We also offer specific products, such as ice cream bars and water and milk-based popsicles that provide the characteristics needed for each specific product.

Our stabilizer and/or emulsifier systems promote the development of the following characteristics in the final product:

They control the formation and growth of crystals, delay melting, increase storage stability, enhance product texture and body, resist temperature changes and provide creaminess, smoothness, palatability, firmness and dryness.

Our preservation systems for ice creams and ice cream bases have a wide spectrum and work against bacteria, yeast and mold, thus extending their shelf life.

Systems are not affected by pH and have no antagonism with the other ingredients of the final product (proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, flavors, colors or other additives).

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