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There are different types of cream on the market, including sour cream, sweet and whipped cream, natural and recombined creams made with milk cream, butterfat, vegetable or fat combinations and with different levels and types of non-fat milk solids. Because there is also a wide variety of manufacturing processes and machines, we developed different stabilizer/emulsifier systems that cover the requirements for each specific product.

Our stabilizer and/or emulsifier systems enhance the development of the cream's following characteristics:

Creamy texture and palatability, viscosity and firmness, water retention, protein stability, resistance to mechanical stress, the incorporation of air and firmness in whipped cream, and the stability of the whipped cream.

Cultured cream preservation systems are very specific and work against yeast and mold, allowing the culture to develop as it should and extending its shelf life.

Preservation systems for cream made with a direct acidification process have a wide spectrum and work against bacteria, yeast and mold, thus extending its shelf life.

The systems are not affected by the pH level and has no antagonism with the other ingredients (protein, carbohydrates, lipids, flavors, colors or other additives).

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